The Prisoner of Azkaban

Chapters 1-2: Owl Post & Aunt Marge’s Big Mistake — Harry gets his first ever birthday presents from his friends at Hogwarts, and celebrates by accidentally blowing up his Aunt Marge, packing up his shit, and getting the hell away from the Dursleys. Plus also: Introducing the Hogsmeade permission form, St. Brutus’s Center for Incurably Criminal Boys, and Ripper the Bulldog. (“Smells Like Teen Spirit” — October 11th, Cassandra)

Chapters 3-4: The Knight Bus & The Leaky Cauldron — Harry goes on the lam, but doesn’t get far before he’s picked up by a violently purple wizard bus and taken to the Leaky Cauldron. There he learns that Sirius Black is no mere muggle, but an escaped wizard who somehow evaded the feared guards of Azkaban. But who cares because he gets to be on his own in Diagon Alley for two whole weeks! Plus also: Stan Shunpike! The Monster Book of Monsters! Crookshanks! (“Another One Rides the (Knight) Bus” — October 14th, Dan)

Chapter 5: The Dementors — Mr. Weasley lets it slip to Harry on purpose that Sirius Black escaped in order to kill him. And then on the train, the Azkaban guards get a bit carried away. Luckily the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is sharing a compartment with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Welcome to this series, Professor Lupin! Plus also: Dementors! Hogsmeade! Chocoballs! (“Chocolate is the Cure for Everything” — October 16th, Alyssa)

Chapters 6-7: Talons and Tea Leaves & The Boggart in the Wardrobe — The woolly art of divination enters the scene, and the Trio begin the series-long con of pretending Professor Trelawney is actually teaching them things. Hagrid’s first day of being a professor doesn’t go so well as the subject of his lesson ends up attacking Malfoy (hurrah!). But don’t worry, Lupin’s first lesson is the shit, even if Harry doesn’t get to participate. Plus also: Trelawney predicts Harry will die for the first time of many, we meet Buckbeak the Hippogriff, and Neville puts Snape in a dress. (“It’s Cool, It’s School” — October 18th, Hannah)

Chapters 8-9: Flight of the Fat Lady & Grim Defeat — Tension between Ron and Hermione starts to build as her cat seems to have it out for Scabbers, and then Sirius black tries to break in to Gryffindor Tower. Harry sees the Grim again and loses his first ever Quidditch match when Dementors flood the pitch and he almost falls to his death. Plus also: Snape is either poisoning or helping Lupin, Sir Cadogan takes over for the Fat Lady, and RIP Harry’s Nimbus 2000. (“Why So Sirius?” — October 21st, Jennie)

Chapters 10-11: The Marauder’s Map & The Firebolt — Fred and George cheer Harry up by giving him a magical map that lets him sneak out to Hogsmeade, where all his fun is turned to ashes when he learns the truth about Sirius Black. Then he gets a Firebolt for Christmas, and Hermione has it confiscated in case Sirius Black enchanted it to murder him. Plus also: Dementors 101, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” and our first glimpse of Angry!Harry. (“You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die.” — October 23rd, Ashley)

Chapters 12-13: (October 25th, Jen)
Chapters 14-15: (October 28th, Lindsay)
Chapter 16: (October 30th, Char)
Chapters 17-18: (November 1st, Valerie Anne)
Chapters 19-20: (November 4th, Gretchen)
Chapters 21-22: (November 6th, Kat)


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  1. luv2skyski says:

    Where are “THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN” chapters 12-22 posts?


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