The Half-Blood Prince

Chapters 1-2: The Other Minister & Spinner’s End — One: the saga of the muggle Prime Minister and his interactions with the wizarding world, always heralded by a coughing portrait. The news it brings is never good. Two: Narcissa Malfoy asks Snape to make an Unbreakable Vow to protect Draco against some plan Old Voldy’s got cooking. Plus also: Fudge is no longer Minister of Magic, Voldemort’s troops are wreaking havoc in both the wizarding and Muggle worlds, and Snape and Wormtail are apparently roommates now. (“Chekhov’s Talking Portrait” — January 27th, Hannah)

Chapters 3-4: Will and Won’t & Horace Slughorn — Dumbledore picks up Harry from Privet Drive, leading to a wonderful first meeting with the Dursleys, and then he makes sharp use of Harry to recruit a former Hogwarts professor to return to the school before depositing him at the Weasley’s for the remainder of the summer. Plus also: Dursley drink-whacking, Dumbledore calls adventure a flighty temptress, Horace Slughorn pretends to be a chair. (“Slughorn’s Pokewizards: Gotta Collect ’em All” — January 29th, Jen)

Chapters 5-6: An Excess of Phlegm & Draco’s Detour — Harry’s stay at the Weasley’s is immediately wonderful. Harry discovers Fleur is staying there, and engaged to Bill, and then the Trio’s O.W.L. results arrive. Then to top it all off we get to visit Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes for the first time. Plus also: Mollywobbles, Phlegm, Arnold the Pygmy Puff. (“And We’ll Never Be OWLS (OWLS)” — January 31st, Gretchen)

Chapters 7-8: Slug Club & Snape Victorious — Slughorn plays favorites on the train, and Harry begins to obsess over Draco Malfoy’s behavior, convinced that he’s a Death Eater. And back at Hogwarts, Snape finally gets the Defense Against the Dark Arts job. Plus also: the return of the Bat-Bogey Hex, the return of Tonks, and the exit of Tonks’ old Patronus.  (“A Trail of Slime” — February 3rd, Valerie Anne)

Chapter 9: The Half-Blood Prince — Harry attends his first classes with both Snape and Slughorn, and is introduced to the titular Prince. Plus also: Felix Felicis! Non-verbal spells! Harry is the best at Potions and makes Hermione mad! (“Because ‘Harry Potter and Snape’ Was a Bad Title” — February 5th, Matt)

Chapters 10-11: The House of Gaunt & Hermione’s Helping Hand — Harry has his first private lesson with Dumbledore, and it’s basically ‘Studies in Advanced Voldemort’. Harry is Captain and runs Quidditch tryouts for Gryffindor. Plus also: Merope Gaunt fell in love with Tom Riddle Sr, Lavender Brown makes eyes at Ron (calm down, RH shippers), Hermione says Harry is ‘fanciable’ (calm down, HH shippers). (“Crime Scene Investigation: Hogwarts” — February 7th, Alyssa)

Chapters 12-13: (February 10th, Char) — This post was never written due to illness.

Chapters 14-15: Felix Felicis & The Unbreakable Vow — Ron and Hermione have to ride out that whole Hermione-pretended-to-slip-Ron-Felix-Felicis thing, and Ron turns out to be a pretty great Keeper when he’s not psyching himself out. Hermione invites Cormac McLaggen to Slughorn’s Christmas party. Plus also: Sexual tension everywhere, vampires at the Christmas Party, Malfoy gatecrashes. (“I Put On My Robe And Wizard Hat” — February 12th, Kevin)

Chapters 16-17: A Very Frosty Christmas & A Sluggish Memory — Ron and Hermione are on the outs again, and Harry is once again stuck in the middle. Luckily Christmas happens and Hermione doesn’t have to deal with Ron’s PDAs with Lavender all over the place. Dumbledore tells Harry to collect a memory from Slughorn. Plus also: Celestina Warbeck! Won-Won! Rufus Scrimgeour and Percy crash Christmas at the Weasley’s! (“Love (and Manipulation?) is in the Air” — February 14th, Cassandra)

Chapters 18-19: Birthday Surprises & Elf Tails — The sixth years have their first Apparition lessons, and Harry has to save Ron’s life after he’s accidentally poisoned. Plus also: Dobby and Kreacher tail Malfoy, Hermione and Ron make up, Ron and Lavender break up. (“Getting Jiggy With It” — February 17th, Kat)

Chapters 20-21: (February 19th, Ashley) — Whoops. This appears to have never been finished or posted. Both will eventually happen. Hopefully. My bad.

Chapters 22-23: After the Burial & Horcruxes — Harry finally takes his Felix Felicis potion, and ends up at Aragog’s funeral with Slughorn, where he is able to retrieve the memory Dumbledore requested. Dumbledore teaches Harry about Horcruxes. Plus also: Drunk Hagrid, Ashamed and Drunk Slughorn, Seven Horcruxes. (“‘”A REAL MAN MAKES HIS OWN LUCK.” –BILLY ZANE’.” — February 21st, Jennie)

Chapters 24-25: Sectumsempra & The Seer Overheard — Harry has a conflicting day. He almost kills Malfoy, but then also he gets with Ginny. Plus also: Harry ditches the Prince, Snape punishes Harry by taking away Quidditch, Harry learns something upsetting about snape from a tipsy Professor Trelawney. (“Fell in Love With a Girl, I Fell in Love at Once and Almost Completely. She’s in Love with the World, Somebody Just Told Me Her Last Name is Weasley” — February 24th, Dan)

Chapter 26: (February 26th, Char)

Chapters 27-28: The Lightning Struck Tower & The Flight of the Prince — Harry and a weakened Dumbledore return to Hogwarts to find the place in chaos. Harry discovers the Half-Blood Prince is Snape. Snape kills Dumbledore. Plus also: Everything is awful. (“Things Fall Apart” — February 28th, Lindsay)

Chapters 29-30: The Phoenix Lament & The White Tomb — Harry plans for the future and mourns the past. (“‘It’s mortal and stupid.'” — March 3rd, Valerie Anne)


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  1. Chelsea says:

    Where is chapter 26?!


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