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The Deathly Hallows, Chapter 32: That Which Lies At The End of the Path

Goodness. This is my last post. That’s sad. And exciting. Because it means the archive is coming and the archive will persist. It’s not the end, though (it’s never the end!) because we still have that wrapup post coming OOPS SPOILERS.

Today, again, I only get to discuss one chapter, though. So let’s see if we can pull it all together and make something that’s truly magical. I shall miss everyone’s many and varied thoughts that are many and varied. It’s been a real wonder to go back and look at this series again and see how well it holds up, because it does hold up and hold up well. And stuff like that. Also critical brain being critical still loves this series. Possibly more.

To start this, I should mention, I suppose, how I read this book, because it was most peculiar.

I started around two in the morning because Borders was a total madhouse. Got home, started reading. Read for maybe three hours and passed out around five (as I am wont to do). It was only going to be a nap. I had plans to wake up at seven in the morning so I could finish in time for a work/errand thing I had to do at 5:30 later that day. The plan was to be done by the work/errand so I could worry about work.

Surprise surprise, I overslept (probably woke up around nine), realized that I wouldn’t have had time to finish before the work/errand, and spent the rest of the day not speeding through it, but taking my time. I didn’t STOP reading, of course. But I took my time. I even got a text message at seven thirty in the morning from my best friend saying she’d finished and she didn’t cry (fascist).

I read all day. And when I had to stop to go to work, I looked at how long the next chapter was (it was pretty long) and closed the book. Went to the work/errand (thinking about where I had stopped) and hurried back soon as I was done with the work/errand so I could finish. Which, for the record, was me alone in my childhood home, crying, sobbing, and screaming at the events that unfolded in the very next chapter. It was, to my recollection, the hardest I have ever cried at anything and is still the hardest I have ever cried at anything.

And the chapter that I ended on? When I closed the book for the first time that day and went off to go do my work/errand? The hour or so long break I had between chapters?

Guess what that chapter was. Continue reading

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Many apologies for the late post. The last month has been a challenge with multiple colds and agreeing to do too many things all at once. And here it is : THE chapter where everything falls to pieces and for whatever reason it’s been assigned to me and I have a small panic attack when I think about writing about his death. How the hell am I going to do justice for the greatest wizard of all time? The biggest twist in the series? It’s slightly overwhelming and doing research and studying were far easier to handle while I was sick.

But here it is. I invite you all to share your own personal experiences. This does not come close to giving Dumbledore the love he deserves, but I think the snot is still stuck in my brain. Continue reading

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The Half-Blood Prince, Chapters 7-8: A Trail of Slime

Harry is on his way to Hogwarts again, but to get there, he follows a trail of slime. From someone who voluntarily nicknames his favorite students the Slug Club to Draco “Eat Slugs” Malfoy to the slimiest teacher in all the land (according to Harry), our hero is in for an unpleasant run. 


Harry Potter, for once in his life, is the most right out of anyone in his immediate surroundings. His only problem is, not a one believes him. Not Hermione, not Ron. Harry knows that Draco is up to no good, but he can’t even convince Mr. Weasley that it’s something worth looking into.

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The Order of the Phoenix, Chapters 28-29: School’s Out Forever


So, this post is very late, and I was afraid for a while that I wasn’t going to be able to write it at all, which makes me sad because these are two of my very favorite chapters in the whole series. I love them so much that I actually specifically requested them from Ashley, our fearless leader. Then I had to go and get sick this week, probably due to the insane weather here in east Tennessee, which can’t decide whether it wants to be below freezing or just kinda warm and rainy. But I’m not going to let it stop me! I’m going to relive my warm and fuzzy Harry Potter memories! This is called the Harry Potter Medicinal Re-Read, after all!


After Dumbledore’s FUCKING AWESOME exit , everybody’s worst nightmare comes true and Umbridge serves as interim headmistress. Because Dumbledore is still FUCKING AWESOME, though, she can’t get into his office because it’s sealed itself off to all but the true headmaster. That’s right, Umbridge: suck it. With Dumbledore gone and Umbridge in charge, as you can imagine, everything goes to shit. Umbridge has appointed Draco and a bunch of other unpleasant Slytherins as her “Inquisitorial Squad,” who are like prefects from hell.


Now, Fred and George have always been at the top of my list of favorite characters, but I think these chapters are what really cemented my love for them. They basically decide that without Dumbledore, full-time school is now useless to them, so Umbridge and her enforcers can suck their pygmy puffs. They’re entrepreneurs! They’ll have their own business up and running in less than a year.

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The Order of the Phoenix, Chapters 24-25: Worst Date in the History of the World

I have just binged on every post written since before Thanksgiving. Life left me little time to keep up to date on our reread, and since I didn’t have an assignment in December, things spiraled. And now my brain AND my butt hurts, but here it is. I’ve exhausted myself with the below, so this is all the intro you’re getting.


Snape shows up at Grimmauld Place on Dumbledore’s orders and announces that is to teach Harry “Occlu-thing” this term. Sirius and Harry are baffled- why in the what would Dumbledore pick Snape to teach Harry to close off his mind. Like, I still am wondering this. Is Dumbledore blind to Snape’s hatred toward Harry, or does he think this will help them be buddies? I’m sure he has a good reason for it, but I have no idea.

Snape repeatedly jabs Sirius, eventually striking a huge nerve by calling him a coward. Sirius has been locked up in a house that stands for all he despises. He’d be more than happy to throw caution to the wind and hang with the Order, but a few people he cares about have asked him not to (i.e.. Dumbledore, Harry). He’s getting cabin fever and has probably felt completely useless. Snape, happy to make people more miserable than he is, uses Sirius’s self-consciousness to smack him hard. Continue reading

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