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The Chamber of Secrets, Chapters 16-17: Snakes be Slytherin

Charlene mentioned that Chamber of Secrets is everyone’s least favorite Harry Potter book, which I would have completely agreed with before this reread. Now I’m not so sure. Ask me again when we’re done with all of them. Maybe I’ll still agree WHO KNOWS. I don’t have a time turner (spoiler alert) so I can’t say. I’m not sure WHY this one is my least favorite. I guess it’s just because one of them has to be. Honestly, picking a least favorite Harry Potter is kind of like picking your least favorite kind of chocolate chip cookie. I mean, they’re all delicious, right?

Maybe I’m a bit more lenient this time because this whole reread experiment has been so much fun. Also, it didn’t hurt that I got some action-packed chapters. Seriously, a lot happens. Like:


So, as we learned from Mr. Ron Weasley’s diary in the last post, Ron and Harry have discovered that Moaning Myrtle was the student who was killed when the Chamber of Secrets was opened fifty years prior. They haven’t yet talked to her about it, because as we ALSO learned in the last post, it’s really hard to sneak around Hogwarts when you have professors watching your every move.

Luckily, the mandrakes are ready, so Professor Sprout will soon be making them into a cure for the Petrified students. Ron’s psyched because that means Hermione will be awake soon, and she can, like always, just solve all of their problems for them. I’m terrified because these mandrakes have just grown from wee baby-like creatures into mature adults and now Professor Sprout is going to straight up sacrifice them just so a few kids can wake up from their long winter’s naps. One of the kids is Hermione, though, so I’ll allow it. You know. The mandrake murder.

Meanwhile, Ginny is spending her time freaking the fuck out and trying to tell Harry and Ron something REALLY IMPORTANT, but stupid Percy shows up and scares her off. Percy’s embarrassed about something, but as it’s unrelated to the Chamber of Secrets, we don’t really care. Ginny probably just walked in on him playing with his wand.

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The Chamber of Secrets, Chapters 12-13: Riddle Me This

I have a confession to make. I am currently reading books three through seven for only the second time. Horrifying, I know, I have not reread the Harry Potter series in its entirety. Needless to say, it’s consuming my life. During my first go-through I would set aside an entire day to go from cover to cover, stopping only for bathroom and food breaks. Unfortunately, this time around I’m finding the binge method to be a little less feasible. There are many things that get in the way, like work, my increased need for sleep in my old age, house chores, and a Potter-naïve husband that has only seen the movies and tolerated my reading him The Sorcerer’s Stone a few years ago (I promise you he does have some good qualities). All of these are very unfortunate but necessary things in life, despite my newly rekindled obsession.

I’m sort of a sentimental person, relishing in the “firsts” during the re-read: the first time Ron and Hermione met, the first time Harry plays Quidditch, the first time we meet Hedwig. So, when I was given an extra segment to cover, imagine my delight when I’m given a chapter on introducing polyjuice potion and Tom Riddle. Polyjuice potion is up there with “wingardium leviosa” in classic Harry Potter magic, used throughout the series in incredibly important plot moments (i.e. Mad-Eye Moody, multiple Harrys). And because we already know about it, these moments always make sense and never feel contrived. Rowling is an absolute genius when hiding little Easter eggs like these. And then, there’s our introduction to Tom Marvolo Riddle, the man Lord Voldemort once was. Rowling knows she can’t have a believable and truly frightening villain without a past, and this is our first hint at it. Continue reading

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The Chamber of Secrets, Chapters 8-9: Every time something good happens to me, you say it’s some kind of madness

Hey guys! I don’t have to introduce myself because we’ve already met. I get the honor of being the first repeat blogger because the algorithm in Ashley’s head hath deemed it so.

I have to say that this fabulous medicinal re-read, coupled with really hard classes I needed to escape from, has kicked off some sort of Harry Potter Madness for me (I believe that’s the technical term). I started reading and I’m now almost through Book 4, and that wasn’t enough to feed the madness, so I watched all the movies and even started making Harry Potter references in class. Good thing I go to school with a bunch of nerds. This week, my classmate told me she was walking through the basement of the school library in the middle of the night once and saw a bedroom. Later, she couldn’t find it again. I asked her if it only appeared to students who were particularly tired. Obviously, my school has a Room of Requirement, which is pretty bad ass.

Despite all the madness, my brain is making its way back to The Chamber of Secrets again. If I were an organized, forward-thinking person, I would have done each post as I went along, but then I wouldn’t be me. I’ve got my glass of wine and I’ve banished my cats from the room. Let’s do this thing.


This chapter starts out with just a little tiny breadcrumb about what’s happening with Ginny and her pal, Tom Riddle. Apparently all my chapters start out with breadcrumbs. I’m just that awesome.

Ginny Weasley, who had been looking pale, was bullied into taking some [Pepperup Potion] by Percy. The steam pouring from under her vivid hair gave the impression that her whole head was on fire.

There have been a lot of hints along the way that something is UP with Ginny. The problem is that we don’t really know her yet. She is not yet the confident heartthrob who captures the hearts of all Gryffindor boys with her bat bogey hexes; she’s just Ron’s little sister. She never really says much and turns red and runs away whenever Harry is around. Since we see through Harry’s eyes, we can’t really tell that something’s up because he basically ignores her.


Upon re-read, however, it seems so STINKING OBVIOUS that Ginny is the one opening the chamber, or at least that she is acting weird and her brothers are doing the thing that most people in the Potterverse do when someone tries to tell them something important; they are completely ignoring her and/or telling her she must be sick. These kids are always saving the world and stuff, but heaven forbid we actually listen to them when they speak.

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The Chamber of Secrets, Chapters 6-7: What’s Up with This Year?

First, I just want to say I feel honored to be part of such a fantastic collective of writers. I’m a little intimidated by the awesomeness of all the posts so far, but I solemnly swear to do my best.

I'm not worthy to be in the presence of such HP greatness!

I first met Harry Potter when I was 11, same as him. I was in the sixth grade, and a friend carpooled with me to and from school. One fateful day after my mom dropped her off at her house, I noticed she had left a book in the car, fallen between the seat and the door. Since it was a book of rather promising proportions, and I was just about the biggest nerd you can imagine—I wore glasses with lenses roughly the size of baseballs—I grabbed it and started reading. The rest is, as they say, history. Fast-forward through several midnight release parties, a Tonks costume, and movie madness… and here I am. I grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and I feel almost as close to them as my own family. The really cool thing is, I’m not the only one. There are multitudes of people who feel the same way, and by extension, we’re all family. D’aww…

Okay, that’s enough of that. Let’s get to the book.

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Chamber of Secrets, Chapters 4-5: Let’s Go Again, Only Famousier This Time

Hi. My name’s Matt and I’m a massive Harry Potter fan, and I’ve been one since… golly. I was ten? I really had the first two books at my disposal when my friend Jordan got me into them. And then when I’d finished with them I made my mother order me the British version from Amazon UK so I could read it two months before all my other friends could. I grew up with these characters and have TONS of stories from reading Half-Blood Prince ’til six in the morning in a hotel room in Spain to writing a massive fanfiction about the life and times of Cedric Diggory so my high school crush would make out with me.

Apparently that works, by the way.

But yes. Chamber of Secrets. Thank goodness we’re talking about the book and not the movie. Let’s talk about it. Continue reading

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