Alyssa is a 25-year-old pop culture junkie with a penchant for starship captains. Sci-fi is her one true love, but she occasionally cheats on it with Fantasy. A Ravenclaw to the core, she works in tech support and squeezes in time for reading and writing whenever she can. She’s currently working on a YA horror/dark fantasy novel inspired by a Cherokee myth. If she lived in the Wizarding World, she would work in the Ministry of Magic’s Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, which is a lot like tech support.

– – –

 @narfna Ashley AwesomeBig Damn HeroesTumblrGoodreads

Ashley is a terminal daydreamer currently living in Tucson, Arizona with her two cats (one very small and one very large). She is extremely excited to talk about Harry Potter with a bunch of really neat people. She is currently obsessing over choosing the perfect fabric for her handmade Zuul Halloween costume and thinks almost constantly about how to get her hair that big and fluffy. As a certified Hufflepuff, she comes seeking peace, love, and a cozy armchair. If you are wishing to visit with her, please remember to bring snacks.

– – –

@darkheartedroseClassical Gallifrey

Cassandra Fredrickson is a 23 year old fangirl by day/(published!) writer by night. Guest contributor to–and ninja editor of–Classical Gallifrey, a now-completed blog project exploring and discussing each and every episode of Classic Doctor Who, she is excited to lend her time, talents, and ridiculously useless English major analysis abilities to this Re-Read. Feel free to hit her up on Twitter, as she loves making new nerdy friends.

– – –


Charlene Curiale has been a Potterhead since 2001. She spends her time geeking out about TV and movies, reading YA novels, obsessing over baseball, and spending time with her skittish dog named Champ.

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 @danfaustFaust’s Fantastic ForumTumblrGoodreads

Dan Faust was born and raised in the backwoods of Brooklyn, NY. He is a reader, a writer, a watcher, and lover of characters. He has a degree in archaeology, an interest in history, an affinity for otters, and an unhealthy obsession with gingers. He likes Batman, wishes more people liked Superman, and will talk your ear off about the Seventh Doctor. This is his first nomination.

– – –


Gretchen Alice lives in Austin, TX and is pursuing a degree in Library Science so she can indoctrinate future generations about the joys of reading. Her favorite book in the series is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. In high school, she very much resembled Hermione Granger, although these days she tends to take after Luna Lovegood. Someday, she hopes to be as awesome as Molly Weasley. She is a proud Ravenclaw.

– – –

 @hannanimal Tumblr

Hannah is a veteran improvisor and co-founder of Fine Line Comedy, and can be seen performing all around the Boston area. She’s also a professional video game Producer and amateur Fast & Furious expert. On the day Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released she was so ecstatic she let a guy on the street convince her to set up monthly donations to Greenpeace.

– – –

@NerdifiedJenNerdifed ShirtsA Tale of 2 MonkeysGoodreads

Jen is obsessed with stories in all forms, whether they come from books, TV, movies, or tales of the past told through archaeological study. She is a geeky grad student who one day dreams of writing something other than blog posts and research papers, and fills her spare time with photography, travel, T-shirt designing, and, of course, stories.

– – –


Some people describe Jennie as a heroic vigilante — others, a menace to society. She would probably describe herself as a cross between a small child and a puffskein. Jennie always wanted to be a vampire, and in 2005 she got her wish. Her husband Joe is secretly a Renfield. She also eats socks and has regular conversations with the gopher who lives in her backyard. He likes peanut butter and watching Friends on the telly (inexplicably, his favorite character is Ross). She is a proud member of house Gryffindor and loves a good poop joke. (Please note: Ashley wrote this bio for Jennie, so it might not be entirely accurate.)

– – –

@kht20 —  In Kat’s Kitchen

Kat is a professional tree hugger living in the District of Columbia.  Her favorite things on Earth are booze and books, though not necessarily in that order.  You can catch her occasionally posting about food at In Kat’s Kitchen.

– – –

 @osheamobileTumblrMade of Fail ProductionsDeconstructing Moya

Kevin is a writer and producer in the Greater Chicagoland Area. When he’s not busy Starting Things and trying not to be overwhelmed by them all, he spends his free time obsessing over Mass Effect characters and organizing Tuesday night Buffythons. He currently enjoys his mostly hands-off status as Executive Producer of Made of Fail Productions, but you may find him in old episodes of various podcasts and his now-completed Farscape write-ups on Deconstructing Moya.

– – –

Picture 1LINDSAY

Lindsay is a twenty something living in the big small town of Tucson with her new husband, two silly tabby cats, and collection of cannibalistic fish. For thirty-six hours a week, she is a cardiothoracic intensive care nurse in the highest acuity unit in Arizona. During the other 132, she enjoys reading, cooking, and hanging out with her niece. Lindsay started reading Harry Potter at age twelve, and retired from blogging a few years ago. Things may change.

– – –

matt tempMATT SMITH
@GungaDinMind Robber ProductionsClassic Doctor Who

Matt Smith has been a Harry Potter nerd probably since before you were. And that doesn’t make him a hipster. It just means he’s cooler than you. In the time since he started reading Harry Potter he has dedicated his life to stories, storytelling, writers, and writing, and is currently working in Los Angeles to make a career for himself as a screenwriter. When he isn’t writing, you can find him producing podcasts as one half of the brain pair that is Mind Robber Productions, and if you like his posts on Harry Potter perhaps he could interest you in his thoughts on Classic Doctor Who. As for love inquiries, scheduling, contacting, and personal engagements please feel free to leave a comment with a link to a headshot and he will be sure to get back to you as soon as he is able. Kisses!

– – –

valerie anneVALERIE ANNE

Valerie Anne is a 26-year-old transplant New Yorker . . . and, more importantly, a Hufflepuff. She is a copywriter by day, an AfterEllen contributor by night, yet can’t write a decent bio to save her life. She’s very excited to be doing this Medicinal Re-Read, because the only thing better than Harry Potter is talking about Harry Potter with other people.


9 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. Gretchen Alice says:

    Jennie’s bio is perfection.

  2. Kevin O'Shea says:

    Hooray, the only photo of myself I do not hate

  3. curryalley says:

    That awkward moment you look at bio and go “Mine is so short compared to the others!” before you remember describing yourself makes you feel like you’re internet dating and want to hide under a rock.

    Small correction: my twitter is @curryalley, for those who have a strong need to be overwhelmed by retweets of politics and baseball.

    And oh my, other bloggers, you’re all so fancy!


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