So, you take antibiotics for an infection, right? You take painkillers when you have a headache, anti-histamines for allergies, anti-depressants for, well, depression . . . etc. But sometimes what you really need is a good story. A good story can be like medicine for what ails you in the parts of yourself that can’t be treated with pills and shots and, I don’t know, poultices? If you’re in the 18th century? Or something? Honestly, I don’t really understand what a poultice is but it feels really good coming out of my mouth . . . poultice . . . poouuulllltice.

I take lots of different story medicines, depending on the occasion (lots and lots of them). But Harry Potter is my favorite, and has been since I was thirteen years old.

That’s the basic idea behind this re-read —  to read the series again with one question in mind: Why does this make me feel so good? What do I like about it, and why? WHY IS THIS SO WONDERFUL. I wanted to take time on this reading and try to get it down in words. And then it escalated from there. Wouldn’t it be more fun if a bunch of different people got together to talk about their personal readings of the series? What events in their lives made certain moments effect them more than others? Their favorite parts? The parts that mean the most to them? And what if we got even MORE people to comment on those posts? Wouldn’t that just be so much fun? And then yeah, once my thoughts reached that point, it was officially going to be a thing.

So let’s all get together and talk about this thing that we love. Cause, why the hell not?


– – –

Please note: All participation is welcome. The more the merrier! But if you are a dick in the comments, you will be deleted. As my movie theater is so fond of telling me, this is not the time, nor place (Century Theaters, not so great with grammar). This is a happy, welcoming environment, and if you don’t behave accordingly, your presence will not be tolerated.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. This is awesome. Wish I had the time to join. But I will read the comments!

  2. Carol Hill says:

    Thank you for this. I adore Harry and miss him and his friends when I’m not rereading the books. As a reader, there is little better. Jo Rowling is a wonderful author. Her foreshadowing is masterful. The way she spun out her story in 7 books was incredible. Thanks again.

  3. Jane says:

    LOL I work at Century Theaters too 🙂 And YAY Harry Potter is always worth revisiting.


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