The Deathly Hallows, Chapters 10 & 11: It’s Not Like We Can Feel Any Worse

I find that this entry is very hard to write. For most of the Harry Potter series focusing on two chapters at a time feels like celebrating the little things, the individual moments that make up your memory. It felt, for the most part, fun. This isn’t fun. I love the book, but taking time to focus on the individual chapters feels like wallowing instead of celebrating. Keep reading for poetry, though!



Kreacher Kreacher Kreacher can’t you see.
Sometimes your ways just mystify me.

Harry, Ron & Hermione are hiding out at 12 Grimmauld Place. Harry wakes up early and starts rummaging through Sirius’ old bedroom. He finds a letter from his mom about him as a baby (this is, like, the only bright spot in the chapter and it’s about his dead mom, so.) Harry continues to freak out about Dumbledore and whether or not he ever really knew the man. It’s all pretty upsetting.

Ron and Hermione wake up and are pissed at Harry, because they thought he was dead. Again, PRETTY UPSETTING. Then they discover that R.A.B., of fake locket fame, was Regulas Arcturus Black. This is a pretty big reveal, unless you totally saw it coming. Which I think I did? I could totally be making that up though. They realize that Regulus probably had the horcrux locket, at which point Ron remembers finding said locket and totally throwing it out. Whoops! Good thing Kreacher stole a bunch of stuff back from them, before it ended up in a dump and then how would they find it. Seriously, imagine that? Yikes.

Anyway, Kreacher did have the locket and proceeds to tell the heartbreaking story of how he came to possess it. Seriously, it’s the worst. So sad. It makes even Ron sad and Ron is pretty racist against house elves. And anyway, Kreacher doesn’t even have it, because after he stole the locket from the trash, Mundungus Fletcher stole it from him. This entire book is one step forward two steps back.


This commemorative chunk of the Dark Lord’s soul can be yours for only $39.99!

I’m a little overwhelmed by this chapter, so to emotionally distance myself from it I’m going to write some Haikus about it.

Ugh, Twelve Grimmauld Place

What a shithole this place is

Allergens galore!

Teenage Sirius

Would maybe be embarrassed

About some of this


B! I know, this is a clue!

Please let me finish.

Accio locket

Here, locket! Locket! Here boy!

Oy, LOCKET! Let’s go!

Not since Toy Story

have movies so encouraged

the act of hoarding

That old New Yorker

could be part of Voldemort.

Please don’t throw it out.

Kreacher is crying

Wow, this is getting awkward.

Hermione, no!

If you are quite done,

can you go get Mundungus?

You know, if you want.


Odd ‘n Ends

  • Here is one of my favorite moments from the series:

Harry wondered whether they had fallen asleep holding hands. The idea made him feel strangely lonely.

         Ugggggggggggggh, JK, you are ruining me. This is so beautiful and heartbreaking, I’m flayed apart here.

  • I love this description of the Keep Out sign on R.A.B.’s bedroom door.

“It was a pompous little sign, neatly lettered by hand, the sort of thing that Percy Weasley might have stuck to his bedroom door.”

I feel like this comparison is really accurate and in making it it illumates the motivations of both Percy and Regulus. Maybe I’m                reaching here? I don’t think so.

  • I also love when Harry points out that Regulus was the Seeker. It’s such a perfect teenage moment. It doesn’t matter at all, but Harry still cares.

  • So much gets revealed in this book and this chapter is no exception. In addition to getting a peak into how Voldemort made his horcrux, we also learn a bit about Harry’s childhood and Lily’s inner life.


And now we wait. I’m sure Kreacher will be back with Mundungus any minute and we can get to the next piece of action post haste. Yup, that is definitely going to happen. Kreacher will be back before there is a horrifyingly sad scene where Harry and one of his dad’s best friends yell at each other. Yup, Kreacher should be back aaaaaaaaaaaany minute.

Just kidding, this is totally the chapter where Lupin tries to tag along with Harry, because he’s afraid his unborn baby is a werewolf. Or that he’s not a werewolf, but having a werewolf for a father will make him an outcast. I’m sure Harry, who lost his parents violently as infant, will totally understand. This scene is so hard to read. Lupin, has been a steady, reliable adult figure in Harry’s and this display should really be beneath him. And then Harry is yelling at him! And he disparages Sirius and even though he’s totally right about him, it’s sad to see Harry so angry at all of the men who were once heroes. It’s all too much!

After all that Kreacher returns with Mundungus! Yay! But Mundungus doesn’t have the locket. Boo! Delores Umbridge has it. DOUBLE BOO! One step forward, two steps back. Again.

Ok, this chapter also destroyed me emotionally. Here are some limericks!

There was an abandoned old house,

And an elf who did nothing by grouse.

With his tufted bat ears,

Mumbling mean, racist jeers,

He wore a tea towel as a blouse!

There was a werewolf with a wife,

But marrying her had brought only strife.

She’s better without me,

And so is the baby,

His words they cut like a knife.

There once was dirty old locket,

Which landed in Mundugus’ pocket!

Kreacher went out to find him,

To grab him and bind him,

But he doesn’t have it? Oh, fuck it!”

There once was the Boy Who Lived,

Who’s dreams were all rather vivid.

The pain in his scar,

Was better by far,

Than being disappointing by the people he loved.

Well, this is it! That was my last entry for this project. It’s been a long strange trip and I’m excited to keep reading as we reach the end. So much stuff is still to come! I’m writing sonnets just thinking about.



9 thoughts on “The Deathly Hallows, Chapters 10 & 11: It’s Not Like We Can Feel Any Worse

  1. Gretchen Alice says:

    Slow clap for the limericks.

  2. Ashley says:

    Your poetry is pretty much genius, and why’d you have to mention sonnets, because now I want them.

    I totally knew about RAB and the locket and I will shout that proudly to the rafters, because it is LITERALLY the only clue I ever picked up from this series and got right. (I don’t count predicting the death of a Weasley twin — that was just emotional guesswork based on what would be the most absolutely devastating thing I could think of.)

    • hannanimal says:

      Oh man! I might just write some. I had SO MUCH fun writing the limericks.

    • hannanimal says:

      Sometimes when fictional characters die I think, “It’s OK, they’re not real, I’ll get over it.” Except it’s been seven years and IT STILL HURTS SO MUCH.

  3. emmawolf says:

    I think I’m the only fan that wasn’t so hard on Lupin for his offer. It’s been said in the series that some things are worth dying for. But it’s like it’s suddenly not true once someone is pregnant. Once the baby is born, however, it’s back to being ok to die for a cause?

    • hannanimal says:

      What makes it cowardly is that he leaves without talking to his wife. You just don’t make a baby with someone and take off. You’re partners now. If he had said, “Tonks understands, she thinks this is where I should be too,” it would be a different conversation. Probably not for Harry, but for me.

  4. Jennie says:

    This was brilliant. BRILLIANT.


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